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LaShawne Holland

“Marshawn & ME University's teaching has transformed my life! I've been able to book high profile speaking, launch my own high end coaching programs, and generate 7-figures annually coming my love for teaching wealth and faith! I've found my purpose.”

LaShawne Holland

ME University®

Build a lucrative personal brand empire.

Our exclusive coaching program teaches you how to turn your passions into a multi-million dollar brand, aligned with your life purpose.

Build a lucrative personal brand empire

Expand your influence and reach.

With our proven strategies, you can expand your reach and influence, making a greater impact on the world.

Expand your influence and reach

Receive personalized coaching and mentorship.

Our experienced coaches provide personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentorship to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Receive personalized coaching and mentorship

"The coaching at ME University® is top-notch. They really know how to guide you to success and help you create a business that is aligned with your life goals."

Allan Miles
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